Runway Lighting Controller

Radio Activated Lighting Controller


Originally developed for pilot control of airport and helipad lighting, PJ Aviation’s “RLC” is now in its second decade of development.  The all new 2024 version is more compact than ever, employing a new multiband digital receiver making it suitable for airport and helipad lighting control as well as marine navigation beacons for energy saving and reduction in light pollution. The standard model is suitable for 9 to 15VDC operation. A 24V version may also be ordered. 3 onboard relays can switch 12A at 30VDC to 250VAC. The original concept of PTT activated radio pulses, according to FAA L-854 is followed. The unit is supplied without enclosure or switchgear. A short antenna extension cable is supplied.


Once connected and set up, the controller monitors the selected frequency. If a signal exceeding the receiver squelch setting is received, an 8 second window period is initiated. Within this 8 second period, a series of “microphone clicks”, minimum 50mS long, are monitored.  3, 5 or 7 “clicks” will activate the respective onboard high current relay.  The relay/s will remain activated for either 15 or 30 minutes, as predefined by a selector switch on the circuit board.  On power up, the first output will automatically be activated.  No settings on the circuit board or radio receiver are lost during power down.  Through a selector switch, the outputs may be selected to occur in sequence (ie only one output ON at a time) or cumulative (ie 1, 2 or 3 outputs ON simultaneously). Onboard yellow LEDs indicate 5V and 8V health, microprocessor Run, Window open and Pulse. 3 red LEDs indicate active outputs.


Dimensions                 Circuit module 165w x 115h x 30mm thick.

Suppply voltage          9 to 15VDC. (24VDC on special request)

Supply current            1 relay activated 150mA.  3 relays activated 220mA.

Frequency range        100 – 520MHz, set through keypad.

Squelch range            Adjustable between 1,6 to 16uV, set through keypad.

Output interface          3 onboard relays with single pole uncommitted change over contacts.

Relay contact rating    12A at 30VDC and 12A at 250VAC.

Output activation         3, 5 or 7 carrier pulses, minimum 50mS, within an 8 second window.

Output timeout            15 or 30 minutes