Hand microphones

MH-50-D.1 Dynamic Hand-held Microphone
with 1 push button

This microphone has 1 push button with up to 2 transfer contacts.

Matt silver or matt black.

Available with following matched frequency characteristics:

  1. For use in proximity (approx. 5 cm) – e.g. as talk-back microphone
  2. For wide-band transmission at mean speech distance (approx. 30 cm) – e.g. for PA systems

For excellent intelligibility by special high-frequency emphasis – especially for radio communication


  • Housing is metal, diameter: head 32 mm, shaft 25 mm, length: 173 mm,  210gm with cable
  • Protection is IP40.  Rated for use in -30 to +70 deg C
  • Microphone is dynamic, cardiod in 50, 200 and 600 ohms, 0.7 to 1.6mV/PA no load output
  • Includes microphone cradle.
  • Options include additional push buttons and amplifier


JD-36MT Electret handheld microphone


  • Up to 6 function button on microphone.
  • Optional speaker can be included in the microphone body
  • Strong patented 360˚ rotatable clip had 8 positions. (plastic/ metal plate clip)
  • Alternative clip type:swivel tab with rack
  • High quality speaker and microphone units provide clear communication
  • Size 81 x 53 x 24 mm (includes clip)
  • Type of Element :Non-directional Electric condenser
  • Sensitivity:-38dB (1V/ 1Pa)
  • Output Impedance:2K ohm
  • Optional speaker rated at 8ohm, 1w