I-PK 09 Pitot-static Tester

At last – a reasonably priced, portable pitot-static tester    IPK 09



  • Calibration of aircraft altimeters
  • Calibration of airspeed indicators
  • Leak test of pitot-static systems
  • Vacuum/pressure build-up for transponder test.

The WINTER IPK09 PITOT-STATIK-TESTER fulfills the requirements for aircraft altimeter and pitot-static system tests in the following countries:

  • Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (Germany)
  • Austro Control (Austria)
  • BAZL (Switzerland)
  • FAA (USA)
  • many other countries

The WINTER IPK09 PITOT-STATIK-TESTER is a portable and self-contained unit. The pressure and vacuum electric pumps of the tester are operated off an internal rechargeable battery. The battery charger is built in. Thus the engineer is able to work out on the ramp completely independently of an AC mains supply for many hours.  Operating the pumps is just a matter of switch selection.

Pitot tube and static port adapters are available as well as customized units on special requests.


  • Altitude: 600m to 12000m   –   2000ft to 36000ft
  • Airspeed: 0 to 450 km/h, 250 knots, 300 mph
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,025% F.S.
  • Battery: 12 V, 4,2 Ah, sealed
  • Battery charger: 230 V with fast charging function
  • Dimensions: 336 x 234 x 104 mm  (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 5,9 kgs


The WINTER IPK09 PITOT-STATIK-TESTER comes with 3 meter test hose for immediately operation. 


Are not part of the tester and must be ordered separately. 


The WINTER IPK09 PITOT-STATIK-TESTER is calibrated at the time of delivery. A Test report comes with the tester. It is recommended to calibrate the tester every two years.


  • EXTRA STRONG: Shockproof lightweight NK-7™ resin.
  • RESISTANT: Waterproof, dustproof, crushproof and airtight. High performance gasket.
  • FREIGHT-SUITABLE: Pressure-resistant. Stackable
  • AIRFREIGHT-SUITABLE: Hand valve for pressure equalization.
  • PRACTICAL: Handle structure made of lightweight NK-7™ resin. Soft grip foldable handle.