WINTER flight instruments

Gebr. Winter GmbH has accumulated decades of experience in manufacturing and developing flight instruments.  Thanks to optimally equipped test facilities, instrument workshops and a staff of experienced specialists, Winter instruments have become a byword for high precision and reliability.  Measurement accuracy, insensitivity to outside influences such as vibration, acceleration and temperature variations are guaranteed.Winter’s range includes the following instruments in 80mm and 57mm format:

Sensitive and non-sensitive altimeters   –   ft or m
Airspeed indicators with coloured speed markings    –    kt, mph or km/h
Climb indicators & sensitive variometers    –     fpm or m/s
Flying hours counters
Ball slip indicators
Airpath compass, panel or cowl mount, southern field
Parachuting altimeters
4-way instrument line disconnector
Precision pitot-static tubes and flush static ports
EASA Form 1 is supplied with all Winter precision instruments.

Compact backup instruments for EFIS installations

Winter manufactures altimeters, airspeed and climb indicators in 57mm formats, all with EASA Form 1.  These are ideal for panels dominated by dual EFIS and navigation displays, where primary backup instruments are still required.