reliability where it matters

ES15 ready for next mission with tracking antenna system set up behind it.



Flaps across the entire wingspan and the folding mechanism for the outer wing modules. The inner wing is detachable from the fuselage enabling easy de-rigging for trailer- or container-transport. The wing can be modified for your individual needs.

Performance & weights

Max. take-off mass MTOM: 2,425 lbs (1.100 kg)
Max. payload: 770 lbs (350 kg)
Wing span: 59.1 ft (18 m)
Wing area: 192.7 sq ft (17,9 m²)
Height: 8.2 ft (2,5 m)
Length: 27.9 ft (8,5 m)
Operating ceiling: 16,000 ft  
Operating speed (TAS @ FL95): 50 – 146 kt  
Max. range (standard tanks): 700 nm  (1.300 km)
Max. range (long-range option): 1,350 nm (2.500 km)
Endurance: 10 h  



ROTAX 914 F Turbo
Max. take-off power MTOP: 115 hp (115 hp)
Max. continuous power MCP: 100 hp (18 m)
Fuel capacity: 35.6 US (130 l
Fuel consumption @ 55% MCP: 3.9 US gal/h (15 l/h)


Portable ground station for payload control and data acquisition.

Typical main payload is an ARGOS II camera with laser pointing, which is capable of observing a man walking at 11km, or a lit cigarette at 4km in infrared mode.

Other possible payloads are AIS maritime vessel identification system, marine side look radar, LIDAR, COMINT systems, atmospheric pollution sampling, etc.

The payload is controlled by the ground station operator through the UHF link. Payload data is transmitted to the ground station in real time.  Large HD data sets may be downloaded from the aircraft after landing.

The aircraft is flown mostly on auto-pilot.  The pilot does not have to manage the payload, since this is done from the ground station.

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