Wind Sensor

Wireless wind vane


The first wind sensor to eradicate all the traditional problems of existing designs

  • Especially designed for mounting on rotating masts or where it is not possible to align a wind vane to a reference, such as north or a yacht bow. Can be just hoisted on a rope.
  • Uses several solid state sensors to determine wind direction in magnetic north.
  • Wind direction in true north obtained via Smart phone app.
  • Transmits magnetic wind direction and speed via BlueTooth-LE to Smart Phones, Tablets (apps provided) or propriety mini server which provides hardwired NMEA 0183 output.
  • Electronics encapsulated in the wind vane together with a solar panel and battery.
  • Jeweled bearings used on wind speed cup and vane for low friction.
  • Special wind speed cup designed for reduced error when no longer upright.
  • Made from marine grade stainless steel, brass, anodized 6061 and acetal.