Vehicle Intercom


Vehicle intercom with radio interface

The Pilot Communication vehicle intercom was developed to provide driver and co-driver of a noisy vehicle with reliable communications, with each other and the outside world.

The intercom can be used with headsets and helmets with integral microphones and ear pieces, or with throat microphones.  Electret or dynamic microphones can be used.

A front panel switch allows the user to reduce microphone gain during periods of very high noise levels.  Individual volume controls are provided, together with a master volume control.

A socket at the rear accepts vehicle power.  An integral 9v battery provides communication in the event of vehicle power failure.

The headset interface is with a flying cable from the rear.  Any type of connector can be provided to suit the user’s equipment.

A rugged in-line PTT switch for the radio can be fitted to the headset interface cable, if required.   Any type of radio connector can be accommodated.

This intercom is of robust construction, utilising an aluminium extruded case.

For a quotation, we require information such as headset/helmet type, microphone type and impedance, earpiece impedance, connector type, radio model and its connector type.