Grand Tourer S6




S6-Bucht (Large)

Performance and Dimensions
MTOW 950 kg
empty weight 680 kg
total payload 220 kg
Bombardier-Rotax engine 4 cyl. 4 stroke 914 F
MTOP 84.5 kW
MCP 73.5 kW
fuel capacity standard 65 L
fuel capacity long range 130 L
wing span 18,00 m
wing span folded 7,20 m
aspect ratio 18,60 –
length 8,52 m
height 2,45 m
landing gear retractable
main wheel 380×150
nose wheel 300×100
wheel track 2,00 m
wheel base 2,00 m
best glide ratio 39:1
airspeed at best glide ratio 119 km/h
min. sink rate (empty weight + 70kg) 0,73 m/s
min. wing loading (empty weight + 70kg) 38,4 kg/m²
max. wing loading 48,8 kg/m²
max. rate of climb at MSL (with MTOP) 5,8 m/s
rate of climb at MCP (with MTOW) 5,1 m/s
cruising speed at MCP at MSL 280 km/h
cruising speed at 55% MCP at MSL 240 km/h
fuel consumption at MCP 25,0 l/h
fuel consumption at 55% MCP 14,5 l/h
range at 55% MCP at MSL long range version 2,400 km


All numbers are subject to change.

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